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Large Slicker Brush for Grooming (Goldendoodle and Doodle Coats)

Large Slicker Brush for Grooming (Goldendoodle and Doodle Coats)

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Expertly groom your Goldendoodle or Doodle coat with our Large Slicker Brush. The dog slicker brush gently removes tangles and mats, promoting a healthy and smooth coat. Keep your furry friend's coat looking its best with this essential grooming tool. 🐶✨
  • ✅ REMOVE TANGLES AND MATS FAST - Our slicker detangling brush tackles messy fur, making your pup look and feel great. Ideal for Goldendoodles, it's excellent for detangling and shedding control.
  • ✅ TOP-GRADE GROOMING TOOL - More than just a basic slicker brush for dogs, our design excels in managing dense, long coats. The ergonomic handle keeps your hand and wrist comfy
  • ✅ DOODLE-FRIENDLY DESIGN - Whether for a small pup or a large dog, our brush is made to please every Doodle. Perfect as a doodle brush, Poodle, Goldendoodle brush, or Labradoodle must haves
  • ✅OodleLife Assurance: If you or your dog aren't entirely happy with our doodle brush for dogs, just reach out to us via Amazon's messaging system. We have a money back refund warranty
  • ✅ The pins on our slicker brush are long (nearly 1 inch) and soft, designed for gentle, deep brushing. They're bent and angled at about 45 degrees to prevent scratching your dog's skin during head-to-tail grooming.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews

Works great on my cockapoo.Makes her look good and now she likes to be brushed .Good quality and doesn't feel cheapAlso very comfortable so it is easier to spend time brushing her.

Sara T.

I'm so impressed with this brush! The tines on it are about twice the length of the old slicker brush I have, plus this one has a nice, cushy pad below the tines. These features plus the shape of the tines gave the brush a spring action that seems to help it gently pull the undercoat through the top coat on my Doodle. It worked just as well for the long hair on his ears and tail as it did for the thick curly areas on his legs and back. And he seemed to enjoy the whole process, which is always a plus! For me, I really appreciated the long handle and its unique shape. It felt really comfortable in my grip. Plus the material the handle is made of has a nice feel, it's very smooth and silky, yet not slippery so it stays secure. I also liked the rounded piece behind the head of the brush that I could rest my thumb on, which allowed for more control and stability. I will definitely be throwing my old slicker away and only using this one from now on!


I have used this brush on my two smallish, medium hair length dogs and we all love it. The pins on this brush are thinner and softer than other wire brushes that I have used. The pins are also slightly bent which helps when cleaning it. It doesn't seem to pull the dog's hair as much when brushing. When I get it out, two of my three dogs line up to be brushed. (The third dog only lines up for food). Also the pups look really nice and fluffy after being brushed with their new slicker brush.

c mcb

All of my doggos love this brush! I brush them.....then I hold it about 4 inches from the ground and they take turns walking under the brush. They look well groomed and love their turn to run under the brush!


This slicker brush works great for my German shepherd's coat. I use a toothpick to slide the hairs up, otherwise it is a bit difficult to remove the fur. The brush is made of a hard plastic material that is very soft to the touch and very comfortable to hold in your hand.