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Gold Pin Dog Brush For Everyday Grooming

Gold Pin Dog Brush For Everyday Grooming

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Expertly groom your dog every day with our Gold Pin Dog Brush. The 27mm pins gently untangle knots and smooth fur, while the soft touch paint and lightweight handle make grooming effortless. Say goodbye to messy hair and hello to a shiny, well-kept coat. 🐾



  • ✅ GENTLE GROOMING: Our OodleLife pin grooming brush glides effortlessly through your pet's coat, removing tangles and dirt while being gentle on the skin. This helps reduce shedding and leaves the coat silky smooth.
  • ✅ QUALITY GOLD PINS: With 30% more pins than standard brushes, our 27mm long gold-plated pins offer a perfect mix of durability and performance. They produce less static and reach through all coat layers even as a long hair dog brush
  • ✅ EASY-GRIP WOOD HANDLE: Crafted from beechwood, the handle is smooth and gives you a secure grip. It's designed to be easy on your wrists, providing better control during daily grooming.
  • ✅ VERSATILE USE: Ideal for pets with long or short hair, including dogs, cats, and rabbits. It not only detangles but also distributes natural oils throughout the coat. Easy to carry and store.
  • ✅ OodleLife Assurance: If you or your dog aren't entirely happy with our shampoo, just reach out to us. We have a money back refund warranty for our dog brushes

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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Dawn E.

I got this to replace a smaller pin dog brush that was too small and hard to handle.I liked this brush as soon as I took it out of the package.Pros:+The size is much better and the material is sort of soft and grippy in my hand. It is easy to maneuver and I have no fears that it will slip in my hand.+The pins are flexible with rounded ends and gentle on my dogs. My yorkies can get a little wiggly when it comes to brushing, but they didn't put up much of a fight with this one which tells me that I wasn't hurting them.+The brush pulled out any loose hairs or tangles with ease. Any stray hairs were easy to clean out.

Jeff B

I used this dog grooming brush on my golden doodle and labradoodle. This brush combs their coat very well. This brush is priced well.


I like that this brush makes it easy to remove fur (or hair.) I actually got this for a long shag rug, to fluff and detangle the strands after line drying. However, I did try it on my scalp first, and it felt really good. I have very bleach damaged hair around the midshaft and below so this did a good job of working out the knots (you want to work from the bottom on any knotted hair or further and work your way up.)It feels good though I think on my dog I would have to be very careful to not brush too hard because I think the line between "feel good scritches" and "ouch" is a little fine.The handle feels good and is a good material. I accidentally dropped onto concrete and was surprised it didn't chip.I was going to give it four stars because I think $16 is a little expensive, but thinking of the metal bristles, and the construction of the handle, I think this probably is five stars.

Amber F.

Excellent dog brush. My dog is a mutt (unsure what breeds), but definitely some sort of terrier mix with a combination of wiry curly hair and soft straight hair. This brush works great for him, doesn't cause any pain and has been very easy to use. Comfortable to hold as well and easy to clean.


My long-haired Maine Coon cat gets matted often. She likes me brushing her several times a day. This brush gets through her coat well. I don’t press too hard as the pins on this brush are long. That is necessary to get through the tangles. The brush is sturdy and made well.